Music Video Monday: Darwin Deez – “You Can’t Be My Girl”

What is up with that headband?!

Here’s what we know about Darwin Deez. His real name is Darwin Smith. He dropped out of Wesleyan. He plays guitar in the Creaky Boards. And he has made one of the funniest music videos in recent memory.

Looking like a post-modern Weird Al, he has inserted himself into the background of dozens of ads featuring happy women (and couples). Deez lurks on the periphery, watching — sometimes impassively, sometimes curiously, sometimes with frustraion — as they drink milk, talk on the phone, relax at the beach, and engage in other banal activities. Whether “You Can’t Be My Girl” was actually made with found footage or shot to look like it was, the video is hilarious.

PS-We know what day of the week it is, but sometimes Monday comes on Tuesday.