Music Video Monday: Bjork – “Mutual Core”

Geology has never looked so freaky or so beautiful

MOCA can’t be bothered to reinstate a chief curator, but it has a new YouTube channel. To celebrate, the museum commisioned Bjork to create a music video for MOCAtv. “Mutual Core,” a collaboration between the Icelandic moppet and L.A. filmmaker and artist Andrew Thomas Huang (a USC grad), debuted last week.

We don’t pretend to know what Bjork’s singing about — it’s a rehash of her standard vocal tricks set to words that might have been ripped from a high school geology textbook — but the video is gorgeous. Stunning. Wildly colorful. As yarn-bombed tectonic plates French kiss one another, multi-colored magma spews and spurts forth. Bjork, sporting a bright blue bouffant and standing in the center of a Zen sand pit, resides in the eye of the storm, summoning and being swayed by natural forces that are both geological and emotional. Seriously earth-shaking.