Music Video Monday: Beach House – “Wishes”

It’s always halftime in this dreamy clip directed by Eric Wareheim

If you’re a fan of actor Ray Wise, it’s probably for one of two reasons. To TV viewers he’s anguished, creepy, guilt-ridden Leland Palmer on Twin Peaks. To theater buffs he’s the aging rock star in Sam Shepard’s The Tooth of Crime. In his most recent cinematic turn, he plays the master-of-ceremonies at the strangest half-time show ever.

Directed by Eric Wareheim of comedy duo Tim and Eric, “Wishes” is the new video for Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House. While Beyonce blew the lid off this year’s Super Bowl with vocal acrobatics, booty-shaking dance moves, and crazy costumes, Wareheim immerses viewers in a surreal world of fire-spinners, nunchuk-twirlers, cheerleaders, horse heads, and gladiators who look like they come from Alice in Wonderland. In other worlds, exactly like Friday Night Lights.