Muscle Milk’s Fitness Retreat Hits the Beach


There’s very little that could get me up before my dog on your average work day—he rises promptly at 7:30 a.m.—let alone the morning after a big Los Angeles magazine party. But the chance to do yoga with instructor Kimberly Fowler from Yoga and Spinning Center (YAS) at Muscle Milk’s annual fitness retreat near Venice’s Muscle Beach had me hitting snooze by 6.   

I’ll admit it: I grumbled to myself most of the way there. I couldn’t find the lot where I was supposed to park. It was drizzling—in June! I was tired.

But by the time I placed my right foot over my left thigh and took a breath at the start of Fowler’s workout, I was glad I made the trek. She patiently led the small group in attendance through a sequence of ansanas that got longer and harder with each set. We dropped deeper into our warrior 1, 2, and 3s, then moved into animal poses (the camel, pigeon, dead bug, and plenty of downward-facing dogs). 

By the end of the class, I was telling myself it wouldn’t be too hard to make it out to YAS a few times a week this summer. Employees at the stores on the Venice Boardwalk were rolling up their front doors. And I came close—really close—to not worrying about the traffic I’d hit on my way in to work.

Photo: Jamie Pressly takes a boxing lesson with fitness trainer Jarett Del Bene during another Muscle Milk fitness retreat event