Mount Analog: New Record Store Opens in Highland Park


Some see it as a hipster accessory. Others, as a decorative antique. The founders of Mount Analog (@mountanalog), a Highland Park record store that opened this past weekend, think the vinyl album is a viable — and vital — sound storage medium.

At the opening party on Saturday night, a thick swell of perspiration mingled with the sound of mariachi instrumentals. Visitors bustled in and out, sorting through a record collection that boasts categories like “industrial/nu beat/minimal” and “house/italo/kosmiche/(not) disco,” while Mariachi El Bronx, one of 17 acts scheduled to perform, worked the crowd into a head-bobbing sway.

The store, which also represents the US branch of Finders Keepers Records, sells everything from books, clothing, cult film, cassettes, records, and (courtesy of Brooklyn-based electronics boutique Dijital Fix) all the audio fixings to supply vinyl listeners. Regardless of the super-niche records stocked at the store, Mount Analog co-owner Zane Landreth sees vinyl as a universal medium.

“There’s a beautiful ritual that goes with playing records: Sitting down, setting the speed, putting the record on, the warmth and familiarity of the record. It’s a personal experience with art,” he says.

The back of the store features a space dedicated to showcasing the “cutting edge live and visual artists of today (and yesterday!)” In this regard, Landreth, who co-owns the store with Mahssa Taghinia, envisions Mount Analog as a community space where visitors can assemble in the name of music.

“[A record store] bridges people together in a special way. You talk to friends, come up with a project together,” Landreth said. “It’s all about sharing.”