Mormon Church Has a Sense of Humor, Advertises in Book of Mormon


Don’t ever say the Mormon church has no sense of humor. At last night’s star-studded Book of Mormon premiere at the Pantages Theatre (partial list of celeb attendees below), the official playbill was stocked with no less than three ads for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That’s despite the musical’s utterly profane humor. One advertisement reads, “The book is always better.” Another urges, “You’ve seen the play… now read the book.” Between Mitt Romney and The Book of Mormon, some savvy marketing pro decided to capitalize on the religion’s heightened profile. Although the musical is full of cursing, violence, and filthy jokes, Trey Parker, one of the show’s ceators, says, “None of the three of us are negative toward Mormons. We’re sort of fascinated. Most Mormons we know are really nice, good people. Most times they’re better people than we are. Not only that, but who wants to go watch a musical that’s about ripping on someone for two hours? Musicals are supposed to be big, jolly, happy fun things.” His co-creator Robert Lopez (of Avenue Q fame), adds, “The show’s not anti-Mormon. When people see it, they’re really surprised by that.” (full interview here)

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