Moby’s Therapist Once Suggested an Unorthodox Way to Get Sober

The musician tells podcast host Andrew Goldman about his clinician’s interesting prescription

While electronica icon Moby famously struggled with addiction for years before getting clean in 2008, one fed-up therapist finally recommended a novel approach to ending his drug and booze habit: More cocaine.

In the latest episode of The Originals podcast, Moby—whose film, Moby Doc, hits theaters and digital platforms today—tells host Andrew Goldman about the clinician’s prescription for a crash-and-burn course to the bottom, as well as his long, dry years of singlehood.

According to Moby, he was at the height of his “clichéd and stupid” troubles in 2007, consuming “20 drinks a night, couple hundred dollars of cocaine every day” (before committing to 12-step programs and other more traditional routes to sobriety) when his therapist “got tired of me complaining, so he jokingly said, he’s like, ‘You know, if you really want to get sober, do a lot more cocaine.’

“And he said, ‘Because trust me.’ He’s like, ‘If you start doing a lot more cocaine, you’ll get sober really quick. That bottoms people out hard… If you just drink,’ he said, ‘you could keep doing that for another twenty years. If you start doing a lot of cocaine, you’re going to get sober very, very, very quickly.’ Turns out, he was right.”

However, Moby admits that that particular rock star trapping came at the expense of another.

“Cocaine definitely is a baffling sex drug,” he recalls. “Who knows what mechanism it employs that makes… What’s the… The heart is willing, but the flesh is weak. Every time you buy cocaine, the dealer should say, ‘The heart is willing, the flesh will be very, very weak.’”

Speaking of flesh, the vegan pop star shares that the “crippling panic” he associates with romantic relationships has left him “completely monastic and single” for the last five years. But even that has its solutions.

Asked if promiscuity is overrated, Moby offered, “Maybe this is a very mealy mouthed, uninteresting answer to your question, but what I realize is what was behind all of the promiscuity was simply looking for validation. Because some of the greatest one-night stands I had were completely platonic, but they involved this notion of being seen and being validated, like having…I remember, once, I had a threesome in Minnesota that was completely platonic.”

Moby explains, “I mean—meaning there was affection, but there was no kissing, there was no sex, but somehow, it felt validating. And I left even feeling more…I don’t know. Just feeling better than I would have if it had been some crazy drug-fueled orgy.”

Moby did pick up one incontrovertible bit of wisdom during his high-as-hell heyday. Challenged to name the greatest cocaine album of all time, he immediately replied, “Station to Station by David Bowie.”

If you’re struggling with addiction call 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

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