Milo Ventimiglia Teases How Jack Fits Into ‘This Is Us’ Series Finale

”He’s always there, even when he passed on, he’s always there,” actor tells LA Mag at opening night of PaleyFest

Jack Pearson may have died in the second season from cardiac arrest after he inhaled too much smoke during a house fire, but Milo Ventimiglia teases that fans shouldn’t count his character out of the emotional moments in the series finale. 

“Jack’s always there,” Ventimiglia told Los Angeles magazine at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood during the opening night of PaleyFest. 

“He’s always there, even when he passed on, he’s always there,” he added. “He’s there in his kids, he’s there in his wife, he’s there in his best friend, he’s there, he’s mentioned, he’s remembered, he’s very present in the decisions of his kids, so I’m sure given that, [Dan] Fogelman and the writers have a great way to keep Jack involved all the way to the very, very, very, very end.” 

Speaking of the end, the cast of the NBC show has been so busy shooting these last few episodes that Ventimiglia admitted he hasn’t come to terms with saying goodbye to his second home just yet. 

“Not so much. Not exactly just yet,” he said. “Every episode that gets closer to the end that I read, I do feel it more, but we’re still in it, but we’re about five weeks out from finishing, three episodes from completing, the countdown is happening. I’m feeling accomplished, but at the same time I’m just letting it happen as it’s happening.” 

Now that he’s forced to reflect upon that up and coming final day on set, Ventimiglia bluntly noted it will be “f—king sad” to have to say goodbye to the creative team that has become his family over the course of the last six years. After another moment of reminiscing, the actor realized he’s ultimately just “grateful” to have had to opportunity to work with his co-star and TV wife, Mandy Moore. 

“She’s been one of the greatest scene partners that I’ve had and I’ve worked with a lot of great actors as well and not to diminish them or what we’d had but there’s something honest about the approach Mandy took to work to play a very alive, very real married couple and I love her very much for it and I’m grateful for it.” 

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