Will These Met Gala Trends Make It to Hollywood’s Red Carpets?

These weren’t the ”campiest” looks but they wowed all the same

The Met Gala’s looks are always over the top, but this year attendees brought their ostentatious A game to match the theme, Camp. There are all sorts of ways to explain what “camp” means, but you could say it’s over over the top.

But that doesn’t mean every celebrity went as a chandelier (Katy Perry) or a purple powder puff (Kylie Jenner). Some blended the surreal and the gorgeous is slightly less theatrical ways, and those are the looks that will influence the Cannes Film Fest, the summer red carpet season, and the 2019 awards season.

Pale Pink + Bows

met gala best fashion

Theo Wargo/WireImage

The Aussie actress’ bowed bustline somehow managed to be wildly dramatic in an understated way. Very soft hair and makeup combined with a pretty powdery color imaginable is an effortless-looking red carpet look.

Pastel Hair Done Right

met gala regina hall

John Shearer/Getty Images for THR

Kylie Jenner had violet hair, Lucy Boynton’s was White Walker blue, Hailey Bieber’s was streaked with pink, and Laverne Cox’s wore hers slicked back and aqua. Remember Lady Gaga’s ice-blue chignon at this year’s Golden Globes? Pastel hair for dress is now an official thing. It isn’t dyed, just a rinse, so do try this at home. Best pastel hair: Regina Hall’s fuchsia ombre, which beautifully picked up the tones of her gown. Perfection.

Shoulder Detail, Blinding Metallics, and Brave New Fabrics

met gala metallics

John Shearer/Getty Images for THR

Sienna Miller in a silver chainmail Paco Rabanne, posing with Emily Blunt in what looks like gold coated tinfoil by Michael Kors, show that blinding heavy metal and other worldly fabrics are a shine-bright moment combination.

Big Hair and More Metallics

met gala zoe saldana

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Zoe Saldana’s pairing of a purple flower and a spice-colored gown was eye-catchingly odd and wonderful, and her teased-out hair made a big statement. For night, hair stands out when it’s extreme: slicked down or very poofed up.

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