Melissa Joan Hart Praises Will Smith for Resigning From The Academy

“We don’t know the whole story. We don’t know his relationship with Chris Rock, but [violence] is never right,” actress tells LA Mag at Steven Tyler’s Grammy Party

Melissa Joan Hart praised Will Smith for doing “the right thing” by resigning from the Academy after he assaulted Chris Rock during the telecast last week.

“I think there should have been disciplinary action happening there so kids and families and people around the world don’t think that it’s OK,” Hart told Los Angeles magazine. “He’s such a hero, he’s such a good guy. We all know that and he had to do the right thing and I think he did.” 

“I think there’s a lot going on and we don’t know the whole story,” she added. “We don’t know his relationship with Chris Rock, but [violence] is never right. My kids are huge Will Smith fans. My middle child went two years ago as the Fresh Prince for Halloween and he got the book in his stocking this year for Christmas, and I don’t want him thinking that that’s the way you answer or the way you behave.” 

Hart noted that she feels Smith has now proven he’s “remorseful” for his actions so she hopes the media attention on the story will go away.

“I don’t want to see this anymore. I get it, it happened, it sucks, but moving on,” Hart said.

Hart stepped out on Grammys night to support Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund in Hollywood. The lead singer of Aerosmith created the non-profit alongside Youth Villages to bring hope and healing to girls who ave suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect. The fund ensures that vulnerable girls will have an enduring voice for years to come by bringing awareness to generating financial support to help them overcome their traumas and pains. 

“I have been working with them for nine years now. I started a kids clothing line called King of Hearts years ago and I wanted a charity partner that I could donate clothing and the proceeds to and we found Youth Villages and love the work they do,” Hart said. “I’ve always wanted to adopt, I’ve always felt very called to be a fosterer and I haven’t been able to do it yet. I feel like my children are just running me ragged right now so this is the best way I can help children in foster care and possibly up for adoption.”

While Hart isn’t ready to adopt just yet, the idea is still a topic of conversation in her household. For now, the X-year-old actress hopes to foster several children once her own move out of the house, and continue to support the Janie’s Fund whenever and however she can. 

“Janie’s Fund and this element of helping kids get out of human trafficking circles is huge so what a fun night to come out and celebrate the Grammys, hear Steven Tyler play, and at the same time, raise awareness for this amazing organization.” 

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