Party Like It’s Prince’s Birthday with Maya Rudolph’s Prince Cover Band

Let’s go crazy

Princess is in town this week, and this women-fronted group isn’t just any Prince cover band—the Artist himself was a fan. Lead singers Gretchen Lieberum and Maya Rudolph perform Prince’s music live with the help of “various other beautiful people.” A Saturday Night Live cast member for several years, Rudolph is best known as an actress and comedian, but she and singer/songwriter Lieberum have been making music together since they met at UC Santa Cruz in the early 1990s.

In the past few years Princess has appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show, and this week the band wraps up a short West Coast tour with two all-ages shows at the Teragram Ballroom. Thursday’s show is already sold out, but tickets ($30) are still available for Wednesday, June 7, which just happens to be Prince’s birthday.

Prince didn’t believe in celebrating birthdays, but he did believe in Princess. “Gretchen and I got to meet him the last time he played in town. And he gave us both these big, nice hugs, and he said that he had our performance on Jimmy Fallon recorded on his DVR,” Rudolph told L.A. Weekly in 2015. She and Lieberum were both obsessed with Prince as teens, so as adults it’s only natural that they raise their voices in tribute to the ultimate sexy MF.

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