Meet Max Richter, the Composer Bringing an Overnight Outdoor Concert to Grand Park

Sleep is an eight-hour musical experience you’re meant to sleep during

On July 27 and 28, Max Richter joined with the Music Center to bring his eight-hour, overnight lullaby Sleep to Grand Park in DTLA. Here’s the essential info you need to know about the German composer before you grab your cot.

BORN: Hamelin, Germany, 1966


WHAT’S HE LIKE? Pretty eclectic, pretty unconventional, pretty prolific. He’s written everything from a full-length ballet to a classical album narrated by Tilda Swinton, and he even remixed Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons (you know, for funsies).

WHERE YOU’VE HEARD HIS WORK: He’s composed music for a few popular sci-fi projects: Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, HBO’s The Leftovers, and that 2016 Yelp-for-humans episode of Black Mirror called “Nosedive.”

THE PERFORMANCE: Richter arranged Sleep with the goal of conking audiences out, mostly through the use of droning and low frequencies (its eight-hour run time is the length of a good night’s snooze). Instead of seats, beds are provided; stay up or doze at your leisure.

IN HIS WORDS: “We have music for all sorts of rituals: for getting married, for dying. I liked the idea of making music for overnight.”

Max Richter’s Sleep, Fri. & Sat., July 27 & 28, 10:30 p.m.-6:30 a.m.; Grand Park, downtown; $60 & $80. 

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