Matt Damon Pays A Visit To 2154 Los Angeles


Here are three things I loved about Elysium, opening today:

1)    The amazing sets designed by the legendary Syd Mead.

2)    Matt Damon’s “L.A.” neck tattoo, done in that classic gangland Old English font.

3)    The idea of replacing robotic bureaucrats with actual robots.

And while I’m a big fan of science fiction films, I could no longer suspend my disbelief when the living quarters on a space station are open to space, when filthy, sweaty gangsters are performing neurosurgery, or when future Los Angeles is filled with single-story cinder block shacks. Who is tearing down apartment buildings and high rises and building hovels? Oh, and poor people have cars that are what, 150 years old? The maintenance on my 2003 VW is already out of control! The movie is set in 2154 L.A., but was largely filmed at a trash dump (sheesh, thanks a lot) outside of Mexico City. There’s lots of robot punching, and bleeding, and sweating…. In the end, Los Angeles endures and there’s a chance for a better tomorrow. That is not the case in most of the films on this list that Harry Medved of Fandango sent over. We were chatting after the film about how our city is so often the setting for an apocalyptic future, and he came up with two-dozen additional films where L.A. is wiped out. Enjoy.


Harry Medved’s L.A. Apocalypse


Demolition Man

Panic In Year Zero!


Night Of The Comet

Escape From L.A.

Miracle Mile

The Omega Man

Blade Runner





Independence Day

Battle: Los Angeles

War Of The Worlds

Right At Your Door


The Day After Tomorrow

This Is The End

Resident Evil Afterlife

Kiss Me Deadly

The Slime People

This Is Not A Test

Day of the Locust (was pretty apocalyptic too, but different genre…)


Photo Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment