Britney Spears’s Lawyer Mathew Rosengart Has Become ‘Rosengod’ to Fans

The handsome courtroom bulldog is inspiring a fandom all his own

Not all heroes wear capes, and that includes Mathew Rosengart, the attorney representing Britney Spears in the pop star’s push to end the conservatorship that’s controlled her life and finances for upward of 13 years. Just last week, a “blistering” petition filed by Rosengart resulted in Britney’s father Jamie Spears being suspended as conservator of her finances, a major victory for fans and the ever-growing #FreeBritney movement.

A cadre of supporters had been advocating and protesting on behalf of the star’s freedom for years, but once Rosengart entered the picture, things quickly started progressing. That’s made the celebrity attorney a knight in shining armor to some. He’s got it all: power, brains, compassion, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s conventionally good looking. Fans have started dedicating their Twitter accounts to praising him. They’ve changed their usernames to “Mathew S. Rosengart Stan,” declared him “Rosengod,” and even given him the ultimate compliment—calling him “Daddy.”

Fayik Nouri, a 25-year-old Spears fan from New York, was the first person to dub the celebrity attorney “Rosengod” on Twitter.

“He’s legendary,” Nouri says. “He’s pretty much already freed her. At this point, it looks like she’ll be free by next month. He’s a legend.”

Nouri, who has been following the conservatorship case for years, says he and other Spears fans figured any lawyer Spears hired would be able to “hit it out of the park,” but Rosengart has exceeded their expectations. After last week’s hearing, Rosengart made sure to address the media in front of a pink Free Britney backdrop, which pleased many fans.

“He’s very dominant,” Nouri says. “Just the way he speaks, it’s like, ‘Oh yes, Daddy.’ I think that’s why people love him because he is getting the job done and he just has this aura of power.”

Rosengart’s appearance has also helped make user-generated social media videos (aka “fancams”) involving Rosengart popular, Nouri says.

Aiyana, a 17-year-old from India who declined to give her last name, has devoted time to generating Rosengart fancams. “It has been very dark and grim here because it felt like this [conservatorship] would never end and a lot of people were also doubting Mathew’s ability to help Britney, so I just wanted to appreciate the man for everything he’s doing for her.”

Rosengart has a reputation for being a “winner” when it comes to practicing law and has repped Sean Penn, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Steven Spielberg, and others. Diehard Spears fans who have watched the pop star struggle in the conservatorship for the past decade and change want her to have the best representation, and Rosegart seems to have proven himself worthy of the job.

“I think very highly of Mathew Rosengart,” ​​Aiyana says. “He has done more for Britney in 70 days than [Spears’ former court-appointed lawyer] Sam Ingham has in 13 years. We’ve been told he’s a bulldog in court and I think the hearing on September 29 proved that because he absolutely tore [Jamie Spears’s attorney] Vivian Thoreen apart.”

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