Marvel’s New Thor Will be a Woman

Culture Shot: If Kacy Catanzaro can conquer <em>American Ninja Warrior</em>, there’s no reason a lady can’t wield Mjölnir

WHAT: Yesterday on The ViewMarvel announced that in the comic book Thor, Marvel’s God of Thunder, the titular hero will have a new personality—and a brand new look: He’ll be a woman. Just to be clear, this won’t be some watered down Lady Thor or She-Thor or Princess Thora. She will be Thor.

VERDICT: Awesome! Sure, it’s gimmicky to give the God of Thunder a sex change, but if Kacy Catanzaro can conquer the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, there’s no reason a lady can’t wield Mjölnir. In Marvel’s cosmology, Thor was sent to earth by his father Odin then lost his memories and took on the identity of Dr. Donald Blake. In the early world, Thor was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Jack Kirby in 1962. You can catch the Norse god and her famous hammer when new Thor comic book comes out in October. 

[UPDATE: On Wednesday night on The Colbert Report, Marvel honcho Joe Quesada announced that the new Captain America will be African American. The red, white, and blue superhero will ditch his original alter ego, Steve Rogers, so that his Avengers colleague Sam Wilson (aka the Falcon) can become Captain America. This shouldn’t be a total shock to fans who saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which featured African American actor Anthony Mackie as the Falcon.]