Mark Ruffalo, A Plate of Mashed Potatoes, and Other Strange Celebrity Encounters

A Twitter user asked the Twitterverse to share its weirdest celebrity stories, and boy did she get some!

Twitter doesn’t always have to be a fetid sewer of ad hominem attacks, political extremism and cultural panic. On Monday, for instance, Hipstercrite blogger Lauren Modery asked folks in the ‘verse to tell her about their strangest celebrity encounters—and hundreds of revealing and bizarre and touching anecdotes have poured in ever since.

We’ve put together a sampler of some of our favorite tales. Note to the famous: Los Angeles has not even tried to fact-check any of this, so please bring your complaints to the attention of the original posters.

First up, it seems Mark Ruffalo might be in the Tarantino class of totally well-adjusted and successful foot fetishists… Or maybe he’s just a Sex and the City fan?

OMG, he did!

Of the many Alec Baldwin tales that surfaced, these seem the least actionable.

How much coke is too much coke? This much coke.

Perhaps the most Sean Penn thing Sean Penn ever did:

“Crispin Hellion Glover’s planned trilogy of blatant weirdness continues with a second installment, It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine.” — Laura Kern, New York Times

Was it the poetry or Jared Leto that turned them off?

Yikes! This would be around one year after his first murder.


Although Blind Fury is the superior Rutger Hauer “Blind” vehicle, this is still awesome.

Yondu plus a big happy dog at breakfast. It doesn’t get any better.

And for all you die-hard pinkos out there, a fitting commentary on Marxism.