Marc Maron Has Hunch on How Chris Rock Will Finally Spill About Oscars’ Slap

”I’m just wondering what he’s thinking in terms of getting paid. I guess more will be revealed,” the ”WTF? With Marc Maron” host tells Los Angeles magazine

Marc Maron of WTF? With Marc Maron podcast fame, shared some insight on what he thinks the world can expect to hear when Chris Rock finally talks about what really went down with Will Smith at The Oscars.

“I think he’ll process [what happened] like he processes everything else and something like that certainly will take time, not only culturally, but just in terms of looking at all of the angles,” Maron told Los Angeles magazine. “He’s a very thoughtful guy so it’ll be interesting to see how he decides to handle it, when he decides to handle it.” 

Rock recently performed a stand up set in Indio, California and kicked things off by telling the audience that he wasn’t going to address the infamous incident until he was financially compensated. Maron believes Rock is likely awaiting a new Netflix deal, rather than doing an interview on a network program. 

“I’m just wondering what he’s thinking in terms of getting paid. I guess more will be revealed,” he said, adding he doesn’t think it will be difficult for Rock to make the situation funny once he deposits the check in the bank.   

“It depends what kind of comedian you are. I mean Richard Pryor famously talked about blowing himself up, basically trying to kill himself by setting himself on fire, also he talked about shooting his wife’s car, so there’s a precedent set,” Maron said. “If you have courage and you’re that kind of comic, it’s the best comedy.” 

According to Maron, Rock definitely has the talent and sense of humor that will be needed to make a funny one-hour special about that dark day.

Nonetheless, Maron was out in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday night celebrating the premiere of his newest animated film, Bad Guys. In the new action comedy from DreamWorks Animation, based on The New York Times best-selling book series, a crackerjack criminal crew of animal outlaws are about to attempt their most challenging con yet — becoming model citizens. The star studded cast shows Sam Rockwell voicing the dashing pickpocketer, Mr. Wolf, Maron plays the seen-it-all safecracker, Mr. Snake, Craig Robinson voices Mr. Shark, Awkwafina plays Ms. Tarantula and Anthony Ramos portrays Mr. Piranha.  

Since Maron is known for thought provoking comedy roles, he believes he truly threw his fans for a loop by booking an animated character in a kids movie. 

“My fans are surprised that I’m doing it, but I think they think the snake is the right one for me to do and I think there’s a lot of people that aren’t animation people that are like, ‘I guess I’m seeing this,’” Maron said. 

Ultimately, Maron found interest in the story since it sends a message of acceptance, and teaches kids to not judge a person based upon their preconceived ideas. 

“It’s very difficult to be a kid and it’s very difficult now and it’s very difficult when you’re young and impressionable and among other kids who are monsters,” Maron said. “Hopefully the message can get through and there can be less monsters.” 

Bad Guys hits theaters April 22.


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