Mandy Moore Reveals Plans To Solely Focus On Music Career Post ‘This Is Us’

“I’m excited to kind of mourn the end of the show, but then turn all of that emotional energy towards music,” actress tells LA Mag during opening night of PaleyFest

Mandy Moore is “excited” to finally turn the page from This Is Us to her music career. 

“I have a record coming out in May and then my husband and I are going to go on tour for a couple of weeks so I’m excited to kind of mourn the end of the show, but then turn all of that emotional energy towards music for a little bit and then after that I don’t know what comes next,” Moore told Los Angeles magazine at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood during the opening night of PaleyFest.

The singer who rose to fame with her debut single, “Candy,” plans to release her new full-length studio album titled In Real Life on May 13. The new project follows Silver Landings, the critically acclaimed album that marked Moore’s first new body of work in over a decade. The new mother will now tour the album in 26 major cities including Atlanta, New York, Nashville and Los Angeles. 

But before Moore can pack her bags, she’s still soaking in her final moments with the cast who became family over the course of the last six years. 

“We have moments of acknowledging that this might be the last time we’re in this time period or on the location or on this set. Those moments have already started to accumulate and it’s weird. It’s really hard,” Moore said. “I just remember taking stock yesterday on set, looking at Sterling [K Brown] and Justin [Hartley] and Chrissy [Metz]. I had to put my phone down because I just wanted to be here. I just want to enjoy the conversation and absorb it and be in the moment because it’s not going to last too much longer.”

“But I’m glad we’re getting to end things on our own terms and while people are still interested and are watching the show. It feels like the right time to say goodbye,” she concluded.  

Moore’s character, Rebecca Pearson, the formidable matriarch who has suffered through unimaginable tragedy throughout the series finally found happiness in her late husband’s best friend. Though her journey has been rewarding, the challenges are beginning to set in again as her health declines due to a cognitive impairment linked to Alzheimers. Flash-forward scenes have showcased the Pearson family gathering around Rebecca laying in bed to presumably say a final farewell. 

“I thankfully, somehow, don’t have a connection to Alzheimers or dementia, but the fact that our show, with the reach that it has, is able to have a conversation and for people to feel seen, not just caregivers and family members who are in the midst of suffering from this disease, I feel really heartened that we’re able to have that conversation and for people to feel like they’re amongst our community,” Moore said. 

“It feels so incredible to be a part of something that we all have immense joy from getting to do this work, but then hearing that people are potentially impacted in a way, it’s beyond your wildest expectation,” she added.  

Moore also noted that creator Dan Fogelman just finished writing the final episode last night and she hasn’t gotten her hands on it just yet. Nonetheless, she has full faith each character’s storyline will wrap up with honest, and genuine care. 

“I suspect Dan has some tricks up his sleeve and I would expect that whatever it is, it’s beautiful and perfectly appropriate.” 

This Is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC. 

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