Making Ping-Pong Sexy

Susan Sarandon’s beau opens a swanky table tennis joint at the Standard in DTLA

The Place
Susan Sarandon and boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin have taken Ping-Pong out of the rec room and into the plush environs of the Standard. On the second floor of the downtown hotel, 11 bright orange tables sit in a large, clubby bar outfitted with leather couches. Subtle black lights illuminate the ball, the net—and the whites of your opponent’s eyes as you go in for the kill.

The People
Opened in December, the L.A. outpost of the table tennis/nightlife hybrid draws stylish singles, striped-shirt execs, and adventurous hotel guests. Want to improve your odds? Sign up for a lesson with one of the pros, who are just as attractive as their hard-court counterparts.

The Payoff
Let perky attendants shag balls as you sip cocktails or cans of PBR. The combo of amateur athleticism and sleek sophistication breaks down barriers—whether you experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

550 S. Flower St., downtown, 213-439-3065 or Tables: $30 per hour; lessons: $100 per hour; reservations recommended.

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