The Best Magic Show in L.A. That’s Not at Magic Castle

Slip into this plush den for uncanny illusions that don’t require getting chummy with an actual magician

You know the score: There’s no walking into the Magic Castle unless you are—or know—a member. Black Rabbit Rose is as close as you can get without breaking and entering. The old-timey emporium from the Houston brothers (No Vacancy, Pour Vous) looks like something Houdini might have dreamed up if he’d moonlighted as an interior designer: Red velvet upholstery, tufted leather booths, a cozy stage. Craft cocktails and a menu of Thai delicacies from chefs Noree Pla and Fern Kaewtathip complement a rotating roster of performers, who flabbergast Thursday through Saturday. You may even catch famed illusionist Rob Zabrecky (the Rose’s entertainment director) or Liberty Larsen, a fourth-generation magician and part of the Castle’s founding family.

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