4 Hilarious Things About L.A.’s Forthcoming Immersive “Weed Culture” Experience

Show your Instagram followers what 4/20 is really all about

At this juncture, it’s safe to say that a lot of Angelenos are roughly one immersive experience away from immersing themselves forehead deep in the Pacific Ocean and never emerging. Or, I mean, maybe not. For every person who sprains her eyeballs at the mention of an Instagram-optimized Museum of Such-and-Such, replete with themed rooms and swimming pools filled with things that aren’t water, five more people are like, “Take my $40 and sign me up for that shit.”

In time for April 20—the first 4/20 since California legalized recreational marijuana—the weed-centric Magic Bus Experience is rolling into town for three days and 60,000 square feet of “whimsical environments inspired by marijuana culture” at the Reef in downtown L.A.

Marijuana culture has, presumably, evolved since pot went legit, but the folks behind Magic Bus are sticking with a straight-up psychedelic, stonery aesthetic that’s so delightfully and willfully vintage it might as well be wearing a pair of JNCOs as it flips through a display of black light posters at the local mall’s Spencer’s gifts. The website—which claims to feature only “a few examples of the elaborate, immersive experiences that await”—is already a veritable buffet of the sort of who-comes-up-with-this-stuff realness that’s sure to sell tickets. Here are four things we found particularly amusing.

4. VIPs get access to unlimited chicken nuggets and tater tots. General admission tickets for the Magic Bus Experience will set you back $45. For a mere $20 more, you can purchase a VIP ticket, which includes admission to something called a Cloud Room, as well as all of the nugs and tots you can eat. Can anyone eat $20 worth of chicken nuggets and tater tots? There’s only one way to find out, I suppose.

3. There is a thing called Munchie Mountain. OK, so you skimped on admission and won’t be cramming your maw full of free fried goodness. Worry not about being left high (har har) and dry without an unhealthy thing to binge eat, because Munchie Mountain is available to all. What’s Munchie Mountain? “A snack-bar with ALTITUDE! Floor to ceiling snacks adorn this majestic mountain side, offering the quick, simple snacking staples.” There will also be food trucks on the premises.

2.  The “Hot Box” maze. Nothing makes me feel panicky quite like the thought of getting stoned and wandering around in a smoke-filled maze along with a bunch of other stoned people. And the Hot Box maze won’t even be filled with weed smoke because…

1. Weed is not allowed at the Magic Bus Experience. Yes, recreational marijuana is legal, but you still can’t smoke pot in lots of public places, among them immersive weed culture experiences. As the site’s FAQs explain, “MBE is a celebration of and artistically styled after marijuana culture. Even though the marijuana laws have changed for private, at home recreational use, there are still public consumption restrictions. Under California state law, marijuana use is still illegal in public event spaces including concert halls, stadiums and convention centers. The marijuana laws are changing rapidly, and when they do, so will we!”

The Magic Bus Experience, the Reef L.A., 1933 S. Broadway, Historic South-Central; Fri.-Sun., April 20-22. $45-$65.

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