Mad-Cap: You Don’t Know Lots of Things About Lots of People

Peggy reveals her deepest secret, Don has his sights set on L.A., and SCDP is in trouble

Will SCDP remain independent, or will it be folded into the bowels of the mammoth McCann Erickson?

Last night’s episode, “Time & Life” starts off in the Oak Room (presumably) with Pete (looking a bit too prosperous) and Pirate Ken sipping Chateau Margaux ’53, bantering about bathroom cleanser. This client chit-chat is a helpful segue way to remind us that we are still in the realm of ad men, after a few weeks of episodes dealing with matters of real estate, Vietnam, and Sally’s teen tour. The real crux of “Time & Life” is about SCDP’s future. First, Joan and Roger learn that they have lost their lease through a clerical error, but the more pressing problem becomes instantly clear.

While everyone wrings their hands, Don springs into action, boldly determined to lead the agency west. All hands on deck, everyone tries to get enough clients to go with Sterling Cooper to the L.A. office and so we hear a lot about old favorites Burger Chef, Sunkist and even Sea Corp Laxative. Ken finally gets his revenge for having been blinded, when he refuses to take Dow Chemical west, telling Roger and Pete, “I’ve toyed with you long enough.” All’s well that ends well, however, because by the end of the episode McCann’s exec announces SCDP will in fact be swallowed in order to land the biggest fish, and work on the best and biggest accounts in advertising. Everyone celebrates, looking a bit dazed.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the office, Peggy reveals her deepest secret to Stan, telling him that she gave up her child for adoption. And Joan continues her romance with the creepy California developer, played smoothly by Bruce Greenwood.

At the end of the episode, Pete sums it all up nicely when he says, “For the first time, I feel like whatever happens is supposed to happen.” With just three episode left, we sure hope so.


  • Diana Bauer calls twice, no message. She continues to be mysterious, but at least we now know her last name. Is she Jack Bauer’s mother?
  • Good thing Don has that sofa in his office, because he still doesn’t have one at home. In fact he doesn’t even have a home. And he spends a lot of time lying around in this episode
  • Why is Joan holding that letter so far away? Does she need readers?
  • Why is the McCann Erickson guy named Ferg?
  • Peggy continues to wear the worst outfits on the show, especially that orange number which matches her office
  • Pete breaks the news to Peggy about McCann in an uncomfortably intimate tête á tête, weirdly reminiscent of their first season couch grapplings. We’re not sure if we can take any more of that
  • Pete’s best line: “Greenwich, Connecticut, is built on divorce money.”
  • Pete reacts to a centuries-old Scottish feud. And now Tammy may never learn how to draw a man. Meanwhile, Trudy has no friends in Greenwich because the husbands all get fresh. Guess they haven’t seen her in her rollers
  • What kind of bra does Joan wear? We really want to know, so we can buy it. If they still make it
  • Peggy attempts to cast kiddies for a commercial but fails. Try smiling, Peg. It’s less scary.
  • Roger apparently made a deal with God, but he still needs to make a deal with his barber
  • Roger kisses Don. It really is the 70’s now, isn’t it?