You Can Now Literally Inhabit Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Genius and Dropbox are building an immersive experience for music lovers

With all due respect to instrumentals, when we get a song stuck in our heads, it’s usually a great chorus or lyrical phrase that keeps looping over and over. Words in music move us—from sharing our heartbreak and longing to providing celebratory anthems—and the website that knows lyrics as well as anybody, Genius, is creating an experience inspired by some of the best songwriting around.

Called Lyrics to Life, from March 2 to 5, music fans will be able to enter a space in the Arts District dedicated to lyrics. As you step into each room, you’ll find yourself surrounded by visual art pieces curated by collaborators including Devin Troy Strother, Peggy Noland, and Aminé. As you explore the space, it’ll be up to you to piece together which song’s lyrics inspired the art around you. While the final songs will be surprises, expect selections to include musicians Nicki Minaj, Sia, Tame Impala, and others. To pay a visit to the space, you’ll just need to make a free, timed reservation online.

It’s all part of Genius’ plan to help fans connect to music through lyrics. “Everything we do at Genius revolves around bringing music fans deeper into the songs and lyrics they love,” said Brendan Frederick, Genius’s chief content officer .

The project is a collaboration between Genius and Dropbox, with the artists working on the project using Dropbox’s new collaboration tools to plan their work. The companies will also be jointly releasing a documentary short about how Lyrics to Life came about.

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