Lyft is Getting Spooky with Stranger Things Rides This Weekend

For once, traffic won’t be the scariest thing about your drive

Your next Lyft ride might be a haunting experience. In honor of Halloween and the premiere of the second season of Stranger Things, the ride-share app is rolling out a limited-edition “Strange Mode” for rides in L.A. on October 27 and 28.

If you fire up the app to call a ride between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. on those nights, you’ll see a new button appear. Like a “Lyft Lux” or a “Lyft Line,” but this one will be… spookier. When your decked-out Stranger Things car arrives, you can expect a ride that will immerse you in the eerie world of the show—expect weird radio static, flickering lights, and other surprises—all the way to your destination.

Image courtesy of Lyft

This collaboration is the first time Netflix has partnered up with a ride service, but with the continuing trend for creating immersive pop-up experiences to bring the worlds of television and movies to life, it seems unlikely to be the last.

For a peek inside, watch the video below, and get ready to freak out whatever unsuspecting friend hops into the car with you on Friday or Saturday night.

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