Louis C.K. Put on a Very Un-Hollywood Show After Last Night’s Golden Globes

How do you get back at the Hollywood Foreign Press? Ignore them in front of 13,000 people at the Forum

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler weren’t the only comedians to pull off a costume change during the Golden Globes last night. Louis C.K., who was nominated for an award in the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy category, donned a tux for a quick spin around the Beverly Hilton. (Jeffrey Tambor ended up taking home that category’s trophy for his role in Transparent). But by 8:41 p.m., C.K. was in his signature long-sleeved black T, jeans, and sneakers and on stage at the Forum in Inglewood, where the Louie star performed a set for 13,000 fans. “I’m probably the only person who ever changed out of a tuxedo to perform,” he said dryly. Aside from briefly mentioning the Globes at the start of his short encore, C.K. put on a totally unrelated show filled with jokes about sexism, racism, the sexual proclivity of rats, homophobic babies, death, lying, and raising his two daughters gay. He took the loss well.