These are the 50 Twitter Accounts Everyone in L.A. Should Follow

Essential reading for true Angelenos

If you are as utterly obsessed with Los Angeles as we are, this is the painstakingly curated list you need in your life. Whittling it down to 50 was nearly impossible but someone had to do it. And that someone was us. In no particular order…

1. @LAScanner
Tweets about crimes heard over the police scanner, often hilariously. #ScannerOn forever.

L.A. congressman Ted Lieu’s on-point comments about the Trump administration have earned him a growing following.

3. @Stu_Mundel
Views (photographically and otherwise) from KCAL and KCBS aerial photojournalist Stu Mundel.

4. @LAasSubject
Hosted by USC, documents our city’s past with incredible archival photographs.

5. @LosFelizDaycare
Parody account of a daycare in Los Feliz. Like all good parody, it’s almost too real.

6. @VancityReynolds
The actor Ryan Reynolds. Guy is funny. Glad he’s local.


7. @LAhistory
Tweets about Los Angeles history. (Yes, transplants, Los Angeles has a history. It’s fascinating.)

8. @militantangeleno
Self-described “part-activist, part-superhero,” this anonymous guy chronicles his explorations of Los Angeles on an extremely dedicated blog and an active Twitter account.

Breaking news from the Los Angeles Times. Also recommend you follow @LATimes, the largest newspaper on the West Coast.

10. @BiblioSzabo
The Los Angeles city librarian keeps the city up to date with all the activities at the Central @LAPublicLibrary and connects readers to the incredibly varied activities of the 72 neighborhood branch libraries.

The Twitter account for Kevin Roderick’s longtime blog about L.A. news and local media.

12. @SamOnTV
Any celebrity plugging a project here in town must drop by the desk of the KTLA entertainment guru.

The “Delorean of the Internet” Alison Martino curates vintage Los Angeles pics and slices of history.

14. @earthquakesLA
Want to know if that was just an earthquake? LA Quake Bot will tell you.

Los Angeles Fire Department shares breaking news about fires and emergencies. For safety tips and answers to your questions about fire and safety, follow @LAFDTalk.

16. @timeoutla
You have no excuse to ever be bored in this city. We got city guides out the waz.

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17. @NWSLosAngeles
The National Weather Service has the latest weather, on the occasions when there is some.

18. @goEastLos
“Everything East Los Angeles.”

19. @ForYourArt
Bettina Korek recommends art shows and cultural experiences, because someone has to keep civilization going, damn it.

Twitter handle of Roy Choi, the innovative chef who is also known for his prolific and authentic online presence.

Pics from the city’s most interesting bus tour. This city has a lot of bus tours. So this is saying something.

LAPD’s official Twitter account. Would be amazing (hint, hint) if it was staffed 24/7.

23. @awalkerinLA
Alissa Walker is the @CurbedLA Urbanism Editor. She travels the city by all means of transportation but car, and she tweets cool facts about it.

24. @cinefamily
Gets people together to watch cool movies.

The mayor’s Instagram is better, but still a good source of often-timely information.

26. @AnnaKendrick47
The actress. Totally gets Twitter. Never stop tweeting, Anna Kendrick.

27. @CurbedLA
For people who want to know everything about their city and neighborhood, plus the latest on planning in the city.

The Los Angeles Times national reporter emerged during the election as a must-follow journalist on Twitter, both for his articles and his hilarious and sharp observations.

29. @LAist

Local news/food/culture website; stays on top of news in real time.

News about @LAWeekly’s music section, where a lot of the music conversation happens locally.

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31. @besharodell
L.A. Weekly’s award-winning restaurant critic who came to the city by way of Australia. (Smart move–food’s better here.)

The respected L.A. Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold. Now has his own bot.

33. @PhilRosenthal

Phil Rosenthal hosts a food and travel show for PBS. So he knows a lot about that. He also knows a lot about TV, having created Everybody Loves Raymond.

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34. @BMcCarthy32
Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher and guy who writes funny tweets when he is not pitching, which means he has a lot of downtime because pitchers work like, what, three hours a week? He should probably be tweeting more.

35. @NathanMasters
Explores L.A. and its history. Host of Lost LA on @KCET. Owner of one seriously I-know-some-stuff-about-history profile pic.

36. @mylastbite
Food and travel writer Jo Stougaard is co-founder of L.A. Bites Hunger, which is a group of food lovers fighting hunger in Los Angeles.

The celebrated chef. You know Ludo Lefebvre from Trois Mec, Petit Trois, Trois Familia, and LudoBird. Look at this pic below and tell us you don’t want to eat with the guy.

38. @BoobsRadley
Julieanne Smolinski is a hilarious L.A.-based writer (Grace & Frankie) who is beside herself about what’s happening in Washington. The tweet below is from simpler times.

39. @Venice311
Like L.A. Scanner, but for Venice, so with like 35 percent more naked guys driving around in vans.

Updates from the museum, with excellent art and photography.

Carolyn Kellogg is the book editor at the Times. And she’s a real character.

The best professional sports social media account in the country belongs to YOUR Los Angeles Kings!

43. @GettyMuseum

It’s all about that art.

44. @culinaryBrodown
Always entertaining writer of food stories for Los Angeles magazine and other reputable publications.

45. @BoredElonMusk
Parody account. Startup ideas from the second-richest man in the city/possible super-villain Elon Musk.

46. @marcelluswiley
Some sports media use Twitter to break news. Some use it to have fun. Marcellus Wiley is one of the fun ones. Probably the most fun sports guy in town.

Official account of the local tourism board, but don’t let those words put you to sleep. Shares things to do and see around the city for locals and visitors.

48. @AvaDuvernay
Directed 13th, a movie about the criminal justice system. Comments on current events on her Twitter account. (We love her.)

Uncovers cool, fun, new things to do in the city. Un-hiding them, if you will.

Wait. What? How did this one get on here? Who wrote this thing, anyway? Probably the people from @LAMag. Ah, really? Will the shameless self-promotion ever end?

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