It Looks Like We’re About to Find Out What’s in Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

This could be huge

UPDATE: It was not huge.

Tonight is the night, my friends, when all that has been hidden will be brought to light. Tonight is the night when we gaze full in the face of the tax returns Donald Trump has sworn never to reveal.

Maybe? Sure seems like it.

This afternoon, Rachel Maddow tweeted the following.

The segment will air at 9 p.m. Eastern Time which is 6 p.m. Pacific Time which means this is going down in less than an hour. Watch it live with your TV provider login here.

UPDATE: Yeah, so about an hour after her first tweet, Maddow tweeted this.

Which, like, we’re still going to watch, but that’s a MAJOR caveat. We’ll find out what it all means in 3… 2…

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