Locals Make Their Voices Heard on Politics: Mark Ruffalo Releases Pro-Bernie Sanders Video, Dog Poops on Donald Trump’s Star

Los Angeles will not remain silent

Angelenos are often derided for our lack of awareness around pressing political issues. Much of the rest of the country believes that we have our heads in the clouds, and don’t care — or pay attention — to the world’s concerns around us.

But this week, two artists with ties to L.A. have made their voices heard. Today, actor Mark Ruffalo (who lives in New York, but frequently works in Los Angeles) stars in a newly released pro-Bernie Sanders video. And several weeks ago, an outraged service dog defecated directly on top of Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star. The photo has now gone viral.

In the former video, Ruffalo appears alongside director Matthew Cooke. “Bernie Sanders comes to us,” says the actor, “in a moment of a crisis of credibility in the American political system.”

In the latter, the dog — which appears to be a German Shepherd — stands triumphantly over his work. “My friend’s service dog,” writes Twitter user Taylor McCollum, who posted the image, “accidentally took a shit on Donald Trump’s Hollywood star. Best thing I’ve seen all day.”

That’s not the only vandalism Trump’s star has had to survive. Browse the tweets below for an overview of the damage.