Lizzo Bought Harry Styles’ Old House For $15 Million

But what is to become of the pop star’s $26 mil Echo Park Manse?

Singer, rapper, and twerking flute player Lizzo has just put down $15 million for a house with a musical history in Beverly Hills, according to Dirt.

The property is located in a gated community in Beverly Hills and the 5,300-square-foot residence has the feel of a “luxe treehouse,” as it’s surrounded by oak trees.

And music is in its recent history, as this was the first U.S. home of Harry Styles, a friend of Lizzo, who lived there from 2014-2016. Styles sold it (at a loss) to a design team, who demo’d it and sold the completed, more stylized home in 2019 to Aaron Bay-Schuck, the CEO of Warner Records, for $11 million.

The house features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two powder rooms for the glamour-focused songstress, according to Dirt. Upstairs, “a breezeway with walls of glass leads into the nearly 1,000-square-foot master suite, which offers a lavish bedroom and bathroom divided by a floor-to-ceiling marble slab wall.”

Lizzo has already posted an Instagram of herself twerking in the gentle morning light.


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Nearby neighbors include big names: Jessica Alba, Demi Moore and Jon Voight.

Either Lizzo is downsizing or keeping her previous house (as stars often do). Previously, Lizzo lived in Echo Park in a mansion that cost $26 million.

The previous house featured in the kitchen a blue neon “Lizzo’s” sign, and kitschy red-hued wood-paneled cabinets outlined in white, including a wood-paneled refrigerator. The rest of the kitchen had concrete floors (as does the entire house) according to House Digest. In front of the fireplace was a giant beanbag chair. The dining room featured a giant sculpture of a Valentino purse, a callout to her red-carpet moment with a tiny purse that went viral. There was also a music studio for playing her flute.

After she dropped tens of millions on the place, Lizzo sent herself up on TikTok with a video of herself plucking the only contents of the fridge—a water bottle—and captioned it, “When ur 26 million dollar mansion ain’t got no food.”

Here’s a brief glimpse of that Echo Park mansion as seen in “73 Questions with Vogue.”

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