Live From NFL Draft: Floyd Mayweather Still Wants An Antonio Brown Return

The retired boxer—who previously offered $20 million to any team that will sign the player—tells LA Mag ”everyone needs to support him.”

Floyd Mayweather has a long history of supporting Antonio Brown, despite the NFL wide receiver’s controversial behaviors on and off the field. 

“Why wouldn’t I [support him],” Mayweather told Los Angeles magazine. “He comes from a rough background like myself, he worked his way to become a star in the NFL and he’s unstoppable.” 

“He just dropped his new album and everyone needs to support him. Go get the new album. I’m proud of him,” he added. “I don’t think I’m going to be on the next one, but I’m proud of Antonio.” 

Brown’s time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers came to a dramatic end only four months ago when the athlete threw parts of his uniform into the stands as he ran off the field in the middle of a game play against the New York Jets. Brown claimed his exit was due to frustrations that his coach was making him play on a hurt ankle. The Buccaneers have consistently denied his allegations. Brown has previously played for the Steelers, Raiders and Patriots. He was let go of the former after an assault allegation, and vowed he would not play in the league again. 

Nonetheless, Mayweather believes in Brown’s athletic talents so much that he is now offering $20 million to any NFL team that signs the 33-year-old athlete and ends up dealing with any behavioral issues on or off the field. On the other hand of the deal, if Brown is able to safely go throughout an entire season without causing any issues, that team owes him an additional $20 million. 

“When I spoke about that, I left it there,” the retired fighter said when asked if any team has expressed any interest in their deal.

Looking towards the future, Mayweather is returning to the ring to fight professional boxer Don Moore on May 14. He’s rumored to announce he’s coming out of retirement after the fight.

“I’ve been to Dubai so many times and it’s going to be a new atmosphere so I’m going to check it out,” Mayweather said. 

Mayweather came out to Las Vegas for the 2022 Parlor Games Celebrity Basketball Classic benefiting D-Up on Cancer. Though Brown was listed as the head coach for one of the celebrity teams, he was missing in action. As for Mayweather, he wanted to show his support. 

“It is for a great cause so count me in,” Mayweather said. “So many people die from cancer so we have to continue to fight this disease. I’m going to fight it along with everybody else.” 

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