Live From NFL Draft: Donny Osmond Wants to Sign With the Las Vegas Raiders

The performer who currently has a solo residency at Harrah’s tells LA Mag: ”When you get right down to it, football is show business.”

Donny Osmond was so inspired by the NFL Draft that he now wants the Las Vegas Raiders to strike up a deal with him.

“I’m actually going for the draft,” Osmond told Los Angeles magazine. “For the Raiders. They’re going to sign me, and not as a safety, but as a singer.” 

“I love this. I did just get the award for best residency and best entertainer in Las Vegas, so if that carries any weight, I should be part of the Raiders,” he added. 

Osmond has a long history of beloved residencies in Sin City. He first shared the stage with his sister Marie Osmond for a 11-year residency show. Less than two years after the siblings turned off their microphones, Donny returned to the desert for his first solo residency at Harrahs. As a self-proclaimed “football lover,” Osmond spent the weekend meeting all of the prospects and celebrating their accomplishments in his city. 

In case you missed it, the 2022 NFL Draft took over the stage in Las Vegas right in the heart of the Strip from April 28-30. While the 87th NFL Draft hosted various free events open to the public, notable athletes such as four-time Super Bowl Champion, Rob Gronkowski invaded the city to throw an epic music festival for anyone wanting to celebrate the newest athletes in the league. 

“The NFL Draft was meant to be here,” Osmond said. 

“I mean, Las Vegas was made to have the NFL because when you get right down to it, football is show business,” he added. “It’s what it’s become and what better place [to host the event] than the heart of show business.”