Let the Renaissance Begin: L.A. Votes to Lift Mural Ban

Break out the brushes. Pop open the paint cans.

Break out the brushes. Pop open the paint cans. The Los Angeles City Council today voted to overturn a 2002 ban that made it illegal to create murals on private property. Known for its array of gorgeous murals and eye-popping street art, Los Angeles was once the mural capital of the country, possibly the world. With this vote, the city moves one step closer to regaining its crown.

The new rules still require final approval next week, but according to the Los Angeles Times new murals will be allowed in business and industrial zones as long as artists register them with the city and pay a $60 application fee. The works must be non-commercial and remain up for at least two years.

For residential neighborhoods, it’s a little different: They must opt in by petioning the city. In neighborhoods that opt out, murals will still be illegal. Today’s vote was 13-2 with councilmen Paul Koretz and Bob Blumenfield voting against the final measure. We say: Let the renaissance begin!