Let the Games Begin: Your Guide to the Best of L.A.’s Pub Quiz Scene

Whether you’re a trivia champ or a reality-TV enthusiast, L.A.’s bar trivia events have something for everyone


For pop culture fanatics:

The Verdugo Bar is unmarked save for a discreet cocktails sign. Large booths and one of L.A.’s best beer lists balance out the Monday-night roster of questions about everything from Real Housewives to heavy-metal bands.



For boozers on a budget:

Kind on your wallet, the quiz at Casey’s Irish Pub takes place every Monday during happy hour. As you guess about the minutiae of Mariah Carey’s life, indulge in a $1 basket of fries and try to win a round of free drinks, which are cheap to begin with.



For the under-30 set:

On Tuesdays regulars gather at Irish Times to stage a battle between inebriation and intellect. The quizmaster plays songs as clues while enthusiastic, semi-serious teams stoke trivia rivalries.



For Mensa members:

Wednesday nights at O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant have been the secret domain of former Jeopardy! contestants for years. Beware: Once the questions start rolling, there will be no mercy. Bring your smartest friends and see how you measure up.


Photographs by Christina Gandolfo