Lena Dunham Adopted a Dog from an L.A. Rescue, So Of Course People Are Unhappy

No good deed goes unpunished on the internet—especially if you’re Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s new pet has some dog lovers growling. The multi-hyphenate millennial recently adopted “Henni Grem” through A Purposeful Rescue, an L.A. operation that saves elderly, injured, and ill dogs from the area’s high-kill shelters. Dubbed “gremmicorns” (aka gremlin-unicorns), Henni and her relatives became minor Instagram celebrities thanks to their unusual (albeit extremely cute) appearance. Now some of the dogs’ fans are questioning whether Dunham was the best choice to adopt Henni, renamed Ingrid.


Instagram commenters pointed to what they say is Dunham’s spotty pet-ownership record. In 2017, Dunham surrendered Lamby, a dog she’d previously adopted, to an L.A. rehabilitation facility, saying the dog had behavior issues due to abuse it endured as a pup. Lamby’s original adoption agency, New York’s BARC shelter, then spoke out against Dunham, saying the dog didn’t have a troubled past, was well behaved, and should have been returned to BARC if there was an an issue. Last year, Dunham’s Sphynx cat and Yorkie died within a few months of each other, which led some people to further question of her pet ownership skills. (The Yorkie, who was in Dunham’s possession for just a few months, was 13 years old.)

The rescue responded to one of its more vocal critics, saying, “You are sadly misinformed and if you think we would adopt any of our dogs to anyone who wasn’t amazing you clearly don’t know us. Shame on you for judging people and things you don’t know.” They also called Dunham and Ingrid a “match made in heaven.”

Hopefully the dog will be treated well and will not be forced to watch any episodes of Camping. And if you’re in the market for a new bud, we highly recommend scrolling through A Purposeful Rescue’s adoptable dogs.

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