LEGO Sculptures Bring Artistic Life to An L.A. Cemetery

The Forest Lawn Museum plays home to an exhibition for kids of all ages

Not so long ago the art offerings at L.A.’s most famous burial ground, Forest Lawn in Glendale, were limited to a knockoff David and a stained-glass reproduction of The Last Supper. Since Joan Adan took over as curator of the hilltop cemetery’s museum in 2004, the classic artifacts have made way for tiki carvings, Storm Thorgerson album covers, and works by local Chicano artists. Opening May 21, Nathan Sawaya’s The Art of the Brick features elaborate LEGO sculptures of Mount Rushmore, massive crayons, and Rodinesque figures. Hubert Eaton, the cemetery’s late founder, cherished antiquities, but Adan thinks he’d approve: “He wanted a place where people bring their families to enjoy life.”