Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Angelenos

Aaaaaaaaand it’s October 30

L.A. is home to a high concentration of very creative people—but that doesn’t mean we’re great planners. If it just occurred to you that it’s October 30 and you have nothing to wear to the office party, the bar, or around the ‘hood to test your neighbors’ tolerance for adult trick-or-treaters, here are some L.A.-centric ideas that you can achieve with just a little bit of effort.


P-22 has traversed freeways and survived a nasty case of mange to become L.A.’s most beloved mountain lion.

What you need: Tan clothes, cardboard and headband, colored paper, dog collar

What do do: Cut some cat ears out of cardboard and hot glue them to a headband. Attach red and blue “tags” cut out from construction paper. Wear tan. Put on that dog collar so scientists can track your movements through the Griffith Park.

Dodger Dog

Yep, the World Series loss still smarts, but you gotta rep that long-ass hot dog no matter what.

What you need: Dodger hat, brown construction paper, eyeliner

What do do: Cut out some dog ears from brown construction paper and tape them to the inside of your Dodgers hat. Use the eyeliner for nose and whiskers. And look! You’re more adorable than any mustard-drenched tube of meat could ever be.

Person Who Died While Waiting to Make an Unprotected Left on Sunset

So much road. So few turn lanes.

What you need: White and black face makeup, steering wheel (real or cardboard), cardboard to craft green turn signal, wood dowel

What to do: Do a nice dead-guy/gal face (there are a load of tutorials on YouTube). Attach green arrow (like the blinker on your dash) to dowel. Fellow Angelenos will be able to imagine it’s blinking for all of eternity.

Kike Hernández in His Engagement Photos

In July, a year after proposing to girlfriend Mariana Vicente, Kike Hernandez posted their engagement photos on Instagram. We have not stopped thinking about them ever since.

What you need: Denim shorteralls, white T-shirt, white socks, white sneakers

What to do: Wear the outfit, be adorable.

Defaced Paul Smith Wall

In September a tagger made the Instagram-famous wall even more Instagrammy by spraypainting “Go fuck your selfie” on it.

What you need: Pepto Bismol-pink T-shirt, white paint

What to do: Paint the artist’s sentiments on the T-shirt in unhinged-looking scrawl. Let people pose for selfies in front of you.

The Hollywood Bowl

Your acoustics may not be as good, but you’re probably easier to get to on a Saturday night.

What you need: Bowling shirt, iron-on letters.

What to do: Spell out “Hollywood” on the back of the shirt, wear the shirt, drink wine outdoors.

Urban Light Lamp Post

Chris Burden’s iconic assemblage outside of LACMA would make a great group costume—with 201 of your closest friends.

What you need: Gray clothes, construction paper, headband

What to do: Cut out a lamp shape in the construction paper and affix it to the headband. Wear gray. Be in the background of a Quinceanera photo.

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