Last Chance: ‘Summer Issues Cooperative’ Closes this Weekend

Art mags on display at this collaboration between East of Borneo and Greene Exhibitions

It’s free. You can touch everything. You can even take some of it home with you. In Summer Issues Cooperative, which closes this weekend, patrons are openly encouraged to flout art gallery conventions. Featuring dozens of cleverly presented art publications that can be perused and in some cases taken home, the show is the result of a unique collaboration between Culver City gallery Greene Exhibitions and online arts journal East of Borneo. The aim is to foster a more open exchange of ideas in the art world. The result is a laid back atmosphere where you can wander around the intimate space, flip through various magazines, and if that back issue of Art in America looks especially tantalizing, you can take it home. (You also have your pick of Frieze, X-TRA, Flash Art, Art/Text, Kaleidoscope, and Wire—among others.) Never heard of these publications? No problem. The covers are like works of art in and of themselves.

The exhibition is an ever-changing thing, contracting and expanding as visitors take publications or donate additional ones. In that way, it’s much like the relationship between galleries and art publications. This collaboration asks visitors to think about how these two spheres interact, overlap, and feed off each other. In this case, the relationship has been a beneficial one. The increased (albeit temporary) availability of these magazines helps the mission of art publications like East of Borneo, while Greene Exhibitions receives more exposure. The partners are already contemplating a second Summer Issues Cooperative next year.

Summer Issues Cooperative closes on Saturday, July 13 with a barbecue and Wikipedia edit-athon focusing on L.A. art history.