Lance Reddick and Jamie Hector Play Guess That Quote: Bosch V. The Wire


Where do you go after appearing on what’s widely considered to be the best TV show ever (no, not Breaking Bad—The Wire)? If you’re Lance Reddick or Jamie Hector, who played Cedric Daniels and Marlo Stanfield respectively on the documentary-style HBO series, you keep it in the gritty crime drama family and mosey over to Bosch. 

The bingeable Amazon series follows LAPD detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), a cop steeped in the noir tradition of Philip Marlowe. Reddick stars as Deputy Chief Irvin Irving and Hector plays Jerry Edgar, Bosch’s partner. While the ethos of the two series diverge—Hector and Reddick agree that The Wire skewed sociopolitical while Bosch, with roots in Michael Connelly’s novels, focuses on great and gripping storytelling—the two have one thing in common: the cities in which they take place play a starring role. “For The Wire, I was in a courtyard or row houses, and there’s no place like Baltimore for that,” Hector says. “In L.A., you’re on Mulholland drive. You’re driving down the Sunset Strip or even Skid Row.”

“In both shows, the city is a huge part,” Reddick adds.

Seeing as season two of Bosch premieres today, we decided to put Reddick and Hector’s knowledge of the two shows to the test with a little game of Guess That Quote. Who won this super narrow battle of the wits? Check it out below.    

“We’re building something, here, detective. We’re building it from scratch.
All the pieces matter.”

LR: Hmm. No, no, I know! That’s The Wire.

JH: The Wire.

Answer: The Wire

LR: That’s a good one. That sounds like something Bosch would say.

JH: The only way I knew was the “all the pieces matter” part. I remember that.

LR: Me too!

Lance: 1
Jamie: 1

“You know what we use the polygraph for? Leverage.”

LR: Oh, shoot—that’s a tough one. Hold on. Let me think about this.

JH: I’m saying The Wire.

LR: I say Bosch!

Answer: The Wire

LR: Aw, man!

Lance: 1
Jamie: 2

“Pull any shit, I’ll flip your off switch.”

JH: Wow. I’d say Bosch.

LR: See, I was going to say The Wire…I’m going with The Wire.

Answer: Bosch

JH: I think that’s a line [Titus Welliver] added, so it wasn’t in the script!

LR: I wasn’t even in that scene!

Lance: 1
Jamie: 3

“That was him gaming the system. Worked. But I always try to keep an open mind about suspects and witnesses.”

JH: I think that’s Bosch, and I think Bosch said it. I think he was on the stand when he said it.

LR: Oh man…Well you know what, since I have no idea, I’m going to follow your lead and say Bosch.

Answer: Bosch

Lance: 2
Jamie: 4

“It always starts with something true. Something confirmed.”

JH: You lead the way, Lance. I think I know what it is.

LR: Shoot, man. I’m going to say Bosch.

JH: I’m saying The Wire.

Answer: The Wire

Lance: 2
Jamie: 5

“I like to think that until the handcuffs actually fit, there’s still talking to be done.”

LR: Oh wow. That is the toughest. It sounds like something Bosch would say. But I’m going to go with The Wire.

JH: Who would say that? That doesn’t even sound like Bosch or McNulty. That sounds like somebody else, like The Bunk or one of the other homicide detectives. Somebody who cares about the community.

LR: I’m going to back peddle and say Bosch.

JH: Oh shoot, Lance!

LR: I don’t know! It sounds like something Bosch would say, but it sounds like a quote from The Wire.

JH: Listen Lance, when Bosch puts the cuffs on somebody—it doesn’t sound like something he would say.

L: You know the character better.

JH: You said Bosch?

LR: Ok I’m back peddling again…last time. I say The Wire.

JH: I’m going to say The Wire, too.

Answer: The Wire

Both: Ooooohhhh!!!!!

Lance: 3
Jamie: 6