LAMag’s Guide To Everything You Need For Coachella

What all you desert-dwelling maniacs shouldn’t forget when heading to Coachella

Festival season is about to officially kick off in California, and Coachella is just a few short days away. This year festival-goers will see acts including BLACKPINK, Frank Ocean, Bad Bunny and more. Going unprepared is the only thing that could ruin Coachella weekend(s). While things like sunscreen, cash/cards, a small bag to keep all your stuff, your ticket and your ID are seemingly no-brainers — seriously, don’t forget your ticket —  some of the items found below may not be so obvious.

As for others, well, it can’t hurt to point them out too, just in case.

Water Bottle/Hydration Pack

Woman Drinking Water at Coachella

Coachella rule number one: Stay Hydrated. Obviously, everyone knows they will need a water bottle at a festival, but for a three-day festival in the desert like Coachella, attendees may want to follow a couple of very specific guidelines.

For the planet, obviously, but also for your wallet, bring your own water bottle/hydration pack for this event. Those $5 water bottle purchases will add up quickly, and Coachella money is much better spent on… well, anything but water.

And, make sure you bring something plastic and reusable, as metal or glass bottles will not be allowed into the festival.

You also want to ensure you have something big enough to keep you hydrated, but small enough to not be super annoying to carry around for three days straight.


Bad Bunny

Sunglasses are one of those no-brainer items — but that only means they’re one of the most accessible items to forget. Gotta protect those ojos, and it doesn’t hurt to look fly as hell while you do.

So to ensure that any over-eager festival-goer doesn’t forget one of the most essential items to bring to Coachella, here’s a picture of Bad Bunny, who is headlining day one of Coachella, rocking some shades.


Men in bandanas

This year Coachella has food vendors from all over. They’ve got vegan vendors, barbecue, pizza, booze — everything a growing (or grown) Coachella-goer needs. But of all the items and the menu for Coachella, there is one item that ends up in revelers mouths so often and is so universally hated that there is gear that people specifically purchased to avoid it: dirt.

Nobody wants to spend three days in the desert tasting nothing but the ground on which everyone has tread. Luckily the solution is pretty simple: a piece of fabric that can cover your nose and mouth. Skimp on the face fabrics, and you’ll regret it.

Fashionable Fits For The Hot Weather

Coachella 2023 Fashion

Even for those who are not what one might call “fashion-forward,” Coachella is an event that demands multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day.

It’s important to remember where you are: A desert, surrounded by dirty, sweaty, sticky people that you will most likely be rubbing your dirty, sweaty, sticky body all over as you make your way to the front of the crowd so you can belt out the words as Frank Ocean pours your soul out. It’s like he wrote his songs just for me, y’know? Like, how did he know?

Fashionable Fits For Cold Weather

Coachella Outfits for Evening

Remember those wardrobe changes from a second ago? Well, your fits should be night and day. It’s a desert and, while deserts are famous for being dry and hot, they’re also famously cold. So throw a jacket and some pants into the mix. Other attendees will have plenty of time to see that Coachella bod on which you’ve been working so hard while you’re in your day fits.

But it’s pretty hard to show off that sick bod if you’re shivering so loud that BLACKPINK has to stop their set to find you a coat.

Wet Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

Man using hand wipes

Picture this: you’re walking around Coachella, living life, being an absolute G, and then you see them: The most stunning, spellbinding person you’ve ever seen in your life. Could this be it? Have you found your Coachella love?

You’re cool. You’re slick. And on certain days of the week, you’re charming as hell — and, luckily for you, this just so happens to be one of those days. You make your way over and initiate a conversation with a line so witty it may just go down in the history books. Something like, I noticed you from across the desert, and you look like someone who really cares about social issues that do not affect you and I think that’s super cool or Damn, You look like you read a lot of good books. Y’know, something wholesome and not creepy.

Everything is going well until you reach out to shake their hand and, when they pull their hand away, they can’t help but notice it’s covered in mud from you. That’s not how you make a first impression. Keep it clean. You’ll thank me later.


People going into a concert space

Music festivals are loud. That’s kinda the point, right? I am music, hear me roar and all that. But too much of a good thing can be a bad idea.

Coachella is meant to be fun, but more importantly, it’s meant to be safe. Protect those eyes, protect that body and, of course, protect those ears. You don’t want to go so hard on day one that the only thing you can hear on day three is the sound of your own tinnitus. It’d be a real shame if the only thing you could hear during Björk’s Sunday evening set was the sounds of your own ears ringing.

An Extrovert

LISA Coachella 2023

Coachella is a music festival, and as such, it’s not simply about the music. There’s the food, the art, the parties, the camping, the fashion and the newfound festival friends.

But that last part can be challenging for all the introverts out there. Not only is it difficult to approach strangers in general, but the fact that there are SO MANY STRANGERS is a different challenge in and of itself. That’s why it’s important to remember to bring your handy-dandy extroverted friend who can break the ice and pull some of that awkward attention off of you. Extroverts, we appreciate and envy your ability to talk to literally everyone. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

Portable Phone Charger

Phone Power Bank

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Live in the moment You’re never going back and look at those videos. Honestly: Whatever. You’re gonna pull out your phone and record that set, post it on the ‘gram and show each and every one of your followers that you did a thing with the photographic/video evidence.

So to keep up with your social posts and all the new numbers and Insta handles you’ll be collecting ’cause you’re so charming, you’ll need to pack a power bank to ensure you can keep that phone running like the Energizer bunny. (Is that reference dated? Do people even still use those kinds of batteries?)

Super Sneaky Liquor Pouches

Booze Pouch

As previously covered, if you’re coming to Coachella, you’re not allowed to bring glass bottles — including into the campgrounds. Many might assume that means campers aren’t allowed to bring that sweet, sweet booze that all the cool kids talk about. But the language found in Coachella’s camping rules expressly allows non-excessive amounts liquor, while prohibiting the glass bottles in which liquor comes. (The venue rules specifically state you’re not allowed to bring in outside beverages, for what it’s worth.) Enter plastic booze pouches. You don’t really have to sneak them into the campgrounds, but who doesn’t like having a secret?

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