LACMA’s Urban Light Installation to Go Dark for Two Months, Instagrammers the City Over Rend Clothing

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According to Curbed LA, LACMA will be turning off all 202 lampposts in its iconic “Urban Light” exhibition on May 1, a decision that, for the first time in history, could inspire every person in Los Angeles to sign a petition.

But don’t get your manbun in a twist. Chris Burden’s installation will be closed to the public for a mere eight weeks so that it can be restored to its full glowing glory. The publication Art Newspaper sites direct sunlight as the reason for the artwork’s closure, saying “large areas of the poles are blanching out, creating a mottled uneven surface effect that is unsightly.” And who wants blanched, mottled, uneven surfaces in their Instagram/engagement/quinceañera photos? Not even Ludwig at 100 percent plus tilt shift can fix that.

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Urban Light at LACMA

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