LACMA’s Lighter New Look

Culture Shot: The “big black amoeba” is gone, replaced by a sprawling, illuminated white amoeba

WHAT: After Peter Zumthor’s original proposal for a new LACMA campus, which was likened by some to a big black amoeba, received a lukewarm response, the Swiss architect returned to the drawing board. This week, Zumthor and LACMA CEO and director Michael Govan unveiled a new concept—and so far it’s getting a much better reception.

VERDICT: Cool! We liked Zumthor’s bold swooping design but this new concept might be better. The elevated glass-and-concrete building includes a walkway above Wilshire Blvd. that connects to a planned addition on the south side of the street. The Tar Pits people are happy, mayor Eric Garcetti is happy, design wonks are happy. Now, the museum just needs a spare $650 million…