My LA to Z: Miss Piggy

The most glam member of the Muppets on In-N-Out, Yayoi Kusama, and her favorite places to see and be seen (but mostly be seen)

The Broad Museum

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Naturally, moi adores the arts, so when the Broad opened, I simply had to see what fabulous objets d’art were on display. I’m sure that there’s lot of marvelous pictures and statues and stuff like that, but so far I’ve only gotten as far as Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room—The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away. A room full of mirrors and lights! Brilliant! Reminds moi of my walk-in/drive-thru closet. A must-see for art lovers and narcissists.

Rodeo Drive

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This is like a second home for moi. Sometimes I get so mobbed by onlookers and autograph seekers that I forget what I bought and have to go back and start shopping all over again.


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Like many of my close personal celebrity friends, I love stopping here after awards shows. Nothing says “I may not have won, but I’m certainly not going on a hunger strike because of it” like a double-double, animal style.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

I go here weekly looking for moi’s star. The Muppets have a star. The Frog has a star. But moi…..bupkis. I’m sure they’re simply waiting for the perfect moment to honor my incomparable, almost incomprehensible contribution to show business, but I really think they’ve waited long enough. It’s time for moi to get a star, capisce?

TCL Chinese Theatres

See above. Same deal. No feet in cement? What gives?


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While some L.A. residents hate going to the airport, I love it. The place is crawling with paparazzi, but that’s part of the fun—walking through the terminal (repeatedly), acting like you don’t want them to take your picture. I go there even when I’m not departing or arriving. If you want to pretend you don’t want to be seen, this is the place to be.

The GRAMMY Museum

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I think I’ve seen almost every exhibit they’ve done there. The recent Ella Fitzgerald exhibit is a personal fave. Currently, I’m in discussions with the GRAMMY Museum about an exhibit honoring my contribution to the music industry, but they say they want to wait until I actually release an album. Working on it, sweetie!

Chateau Marmont

Since I already have a place in town (and no, you can’t have the address), I don’t actually stay at the Chateau Marmont. But when one of my famous friends like Johnny or Leonardo are there, I love to drop in for a visit—maybe a little room service and, oh yes, of course I’d love to take some towels home.

The Rooftop at the Standard Hotel

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The Standard is another hotel moi doesn’t actually stay at, but I can’t keep away from their fabulous rooftop bar. The clientele is young, hip and trés chic (like moi), and the view is spectacular, especially when I’m there to be gawked at.

Carbon Beach

They don’t call this “the world’s most expensive sandbox” and “billionaire beach” for nothing. While I find it a bit too ostentatious to actually live there, I am a frequent house guest, especially when the respective billionaires are out of town. And after all, moi staying there simply adds to the value, n’est ce pas?

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