These Colorful Illustrations of L.A. Landmarks Celebrate the City’s Architectural Gems

A single visit to Los Angeles inspired this UK artist’s run of drawings

If there’s one thing you can never have enough of in life (besides, like, taiyaki ice cream), it’s gorgeous illustrations of iconic L.A. landmarks. And thanks be to Our Lady of the Angels or whoever, self-taught illustrator slash Americana obsessive George Townley (@george.townley) is working tirelessly to fill that void. His digital renditions of some of the more distinctive buildings in the city are showstoppers.

His work includes Richard Neutra’s Lovell House, Parker Center (the LAPD’s soon-to-be demolished mid-century headquarters), the Griffith Observatory, the Sowden House, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s underappreciated Freedman House, to throw out a few.

“My love of Los Angeles architecture stems from studying abroad in California during my second year of university,” says Townley, who’s based in the UK. “I’ve always been into California and its culture due to films and television, but being able to visit these locations in person was a whole new experience and really changed my style for the better.”

He now does his research primarily based on photos, sketching out the building then layering in his own stylistic flourishes as he improvises the details along the way. “It’s a dream of mine to visit again,” he says.

Prints of his artwork will be available in his Etsy store in the near-ish future. Keep an eye out.

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