Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss and Actor/Comedian Jay Mohr Are Engaged

After 5 years, Lakers boss Buss and the “Mohr Stories” host Jay Mohr will tie the knot, making them a legal L.A. power couple at last

Los Angeles Lakers owner-president Jeanie Buss and actor/standup/podcaster Jay Mohr are engaged, according to TMZ Sports. The couple, who have been dating “quietly” since 2017, attend Lakers games together, and less quietly, Buss has been spotted wearing a sparkly ring.

The sweet announcement doesn’t come as a huge surprise—after all, we were there when Jeanie declared her love for Jay in September 2021 to her 400,000 Twitter followers, on her 60th birthday, no less.

“Happiness. Love. Joy,” she gushed. “That’s what you have given me on my birthday and every day in between. This picture, taken at our friend’s wedding in June, tells the story, our story. I guess really can have it all. I love you @jaymohr37.”

The towheads have not confirmed the engagement, but have been a rumored pair since at least early 2017, right around the end of Buss’s 18-year relationship with—and four-year engagement to—basketball legend Phil Jackson, who was head coach of the Lakers from 2005 to 2011. Prior to that, Buss married volleyball player Steve Timmons in 1990, a union that lasted only three years. Said Buss to the Los Angeles Times in 2002: “I never put my marriage first… It was always business which attracted me.”

Buss inherited the Lakers mantle from her playboy businessman father, Jerry Buss (who she refers to by his preferred title, Dr. Buss), who was the majority owner of the Lakers for 23 years, until he decided to gradually begin ceding control of the enterprise to his adult children, including Jeanie, according to the Times. When he died in 2013, 66 per cent of controlling ownership of the Lakers was transferred to his six children via a trust.

Mohr, 51—who is among the earliest pioneers in the development of the Christopher Walken impression—has been married twice before, most famously to actress Nikki Cox, in an entanglement that took two divorce filings to dissolve.

Mohr keeps busy, when he’s not doing standup, he hosts podcast Jay Mohr’s Stories on the SModcast Network and, since September 2015, has been hosting Jay Mohr Sports, a daily talk show on Fox Sports Radio.

Buss, a former Playboy model (she posed with two basketballs) also co-produced a standup special for Mohr in January, 2019, which she announced without mentioning their special friendship.

Mohr himself was more open about his feelings. On The Adam Corolla Show in January 2020, he told Corolla, “We talk all the time… Marriage is like the only thing next.”

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