La La Land Is Headed to the Hollywood Bowl

Things are about to get real meta on Memorial Day weekend

We all have questions after watching La La Land. Questions like: How can a girl who pulls espresso shots on the Warner Bros. lot afford a sprawling, fully furnished apartment like Emma Stone’s? If we can’t, or maybe won’t, carry a pair of saddle shoes on us at all times, are we being irresponsible stewards of L.A.’s image? IS Los Angeles shining just for Ryan Gosling? You won’t believe this, but I can’t answer any of those. What I can tell you, though, is that the Oscar darling-but-not-that-darling-because-that-Moonlightupset-am-I-right is headed to the Hollywood Bowl on Memorial Day weekend (May 26-27).

Photograph by Dale Robinette

We the people of the actual City of Stars will be able to watch La La composer Justin Hurwitz conduct a 100-piece orchestra, choir, and jazz ensemble as they accompany the film with a live performance of its music. Vintage dress is encouraged—a great reason to check out one of the stores on this list—and the evening will conclude with a fireworks display. The Hollywood Bowl is just the first stop for La La Land: The Musical! (real title: La La Land in Concert: A Live-to-Film Celebration); the production is headed on a worldwide tour with stops in Portland, Nashville, Denver, Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, and elsewhere.

Tickets go on sale March 10—get yours here.