These L.A. Theaters Are Here to Help You Hack Your Oscars Ballot

The search for screenings of obscure documentaries is over

The full list of this year’s Oscar nominees was announced this morning at the ungodly and oddly specific time of 5:22 a.m. PST, which befuddles me because I’m like, why does the whole of the east coast get to enjoy this very L.A. holiday during acceptable daylight hours whereas we, the literal denizens of the Entertainment Capital of the World, have to wake up when it’s still dark out to hear it in real time? But I digress. We’re not here to discuss time zones or even surprises and snubs but rather how you can up your chances at winning all of the Oscar pools you’re planning to enter on March 4. If you’ve seen Get Out and The Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name and the rest of the 2018 Best Picture nominees, keep it up, you’re doing great. But read on to find out where you can really stack the odds in your favor by catching the films in lesser known categories ahead of the main event.

The Samuel Goldwyn Theater

Beverly Hills

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences screens footage from hard-to-catch categories like Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Foreign Language Film, and others in Beverly Hills (February 28; March 1 and 3). Many events include panels with the filmmakers—if you don’t crush the office pool after that, we can’t help you.

The Egyptian Theatre


Kill three birds with one Nubian stone at Sid Grauman’s OG Hollywood spot. On February 28, the theater will hold back-to-back screenings of this year’s Oscar-nominated live-action shorts and animated shorts. Head back on March 1 for showings of documentary shorts.

The Nuart Theatre


If you’re not the type to cram, luxuriate in two weeks of live-action shorts and animated shorts (starting February 9)— plenty of time to weigh which of those little boxes you’re going to tick on the big night. Feeling super-ambitious? Catch one on a Saturday, then stick around for the weekly midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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