Kyle MacLachlan Will Appear in New Twin Peaks Season

Pour yourself a damn good cup of coffee. Showtime has announced that Kyle MacLachlan will return to <em>Twin Peaks</em> as Agent Dale Cooper in 2016

It’s damn good news! When the story broke in October that avangardist filmmaker David Lynch had penned a contract with Showtime for nine episodes of his and screenwriter Mark Frosts iconic early ’90s masterpiece of TV entertainment, Twin Peaks, to air sometime in 2016, fans of the show couldn’t get their hands down and they may as well keep them there for the time being. Yesterday Showtime announced that Twin Peaks’s original protagonist, the intrepid coffee and pie loving sleuth Agent Dale Cooper, played by Kyle MacLachlan, will return with Lynch and Frost to Twin Peaks, the fictional town in Washington state, where the show takes place.

What the plot looks like, when shooting begins, or whether or not any of the original show’s other characters will reappear in the nine-episode run, remains to be seen. Knowing Lynch and his later work, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Twin Peaks had somehow moved to another planet and Agent Cooper’s quest is to find fresh coffee on a nearby moon. MacLachlan who, according to another news outlet, first broke the news on stage at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, said “I’m very happy and excited to be returning to the strange and wonderful world of Twin Peaks,” before offering a cryptic send off worthy of Lynch himself: “May the forest be with you.”