Kristin Cavallari’s Daughter Already Wants To Take Over Her Company Uncommon James

“She has a lot of jewelry. She loves it,” the entrepreneur told LA Mag

Kristin Cavallari’s daughter, Saylor James Cutler, might only be six-years-old, but she’s already inspired to become an entrepreneur like her mama. 

“She is six, but I have conversations with her about if she would want to take over the company one day and all that fun stuff and she says that she wants to, so we’ll see,” Cavallari told Los Angeles magazine about her jewelry and lifestyle company, Uncommon James. 

“She has a lot of jewelry. She loves it,” she added. “In this new collection, there’s this blush pink heart and she loves that one. She actually just got her ears pieced, so when she’s finally ready to switch out her earrings, I’ll get her a bunch of earrings too.”

Cavallari’s newest jewelry line called Summer Heat just dropped on May 19th and includes bright colors, chains, flowers, beads and gold hoops. The fun departure from the brand’s typical gold and silver collections was inspired by the 35-year-old’s longing for a safe summer post-COVID. 

“I definitely think the pandemic was nice for me from a design standpoint because while we were locked down, I was daydreaming about all the places I wanted to go,” Cavallari said. “For summer, it’s really about being outside, being with your friends, having a good time, and for me right now, I’m all about color, brightness and happiness.” 

“I pay attention to the trends, but I try to simplify them and make them Uncommon James,” she added. “But color is a big thing right now, beads are very in, so I wanted to touch on those trends and I’m excited about it because the color and beads are a bit of a departure for us, which makes it fun. We wouldn’t have color and beads in every collection, but for summer, I think it’s just absolutely perfect.” 

Cavallari is especially digging the “dainty” earrings and beaded bracelets from the collection. 

“I really like the flower huggies that we have because they’re so minimal, so dainty, I have it in my third hole in my left ear, and I put it in and leave it in and don’t think about it,” she said. “I also have on some of these beaded bracelets that I’ve also had on for days because they go with everything and beads are in right now. They’re colorful and simple enough to wear every day, but yet fun enough that you can wear them to a party, which I did on Saturday, so those would be my favorites.” 

After celebrating her five year anniversary with Uncommon James, Cavallari reflected on the “long way” she’s come since her very first collection, which she admitted had “no rhyme or reasons to it.” 

“When I decided to create my company, I found someone to create my website and I found a manufacturer and then I just launched it. I didn’t have a business plan, I didn’t think about anything. I’ve always just been someone who just goes with my gut, my intuition, but now Uncommon James has become a full on business,” she said. “I have a full team, we have a whole process of putting these collections together and getting the jewelry out there. We’ve come a long way.” 

You can purchase pieces from the Summer Heat collection at Uncommon James.. 

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