Kristen’s Stewart’s Perfect L.A. Day: 3 Simple Guides Sorted By Vibe

From tacos to beach sights—the Oscar nominated actress reveals a few of her favorite things

Kristen Stewart has been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Diana Spencer in Spencer. Did you also know that she plays golf? But forget all that—the lifelong Angeleno responded to Los Angeles Times’ question of her perfect L.A. day with such granular detail, we wanted to break her words out into “guidebooks,” sorted by vibe.

Kristen’s Perfect LA Day…

Guidebook No. 1: Ricky’s fish taco and fresh air “Then on Riverside Drive, we’d find the truck and get a Ricky’s fish taco. It’s the greatest taco, absolutely perfect, one of the best things I’ve had in my whole life. They’re classic Baja, but they also do shrimp. Get one of each. Don’t forget all the sauces, because they don’t put them on themselves, which is good, because you can control it.”

“Then I think you should have some alone time and just enjoy the air,” Stewart continues. “Maybe take a walk around Los Feliz… then go watch a movie at the Vista or the Los Feliz 3.”

Guidebook No. 2: See the sights in Venice “Go to f— Venice. Go rollerblading. Bring a sandwich. People-watch.” Variations on this theme include grabbing an In-N-Out cheeseburger.

Guidebook No. 3:  Tacos, tacos, tacos. How does Kristen maintain her rail-thin physique? Tacos, apparently. “I would just go have tacos all day. I wouldn’t eat anywhere that isn’t a stand or a truck. Like, I would wait for it to get really late, take you to the Valley, skate around and get really hungry and then find a taco truck that stays open all night. Because tacos taste different at that hour … even if you’re not wasted.”

Let Los Angeles help you on the taco front with their guide to the 25 Best Tacos in LA.

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