Kim Kardashian Gave SNL a Ratings Bump This Weekend

Some fans had threatened to boycott Saturday’s episode, but curiosity apparently got the best of a lot of viewers

When Saturday Night Live announced that Kim Kardashian would be hosting an episode of the variety show this season, people were perplexed. “Why Kim Kardashian,” Will & Grace star Deborah Messing tweeted in September. “I mean, I know she is a cultural icon, but SNL has hosts, generally, who are performers who are there to promote a film, TV show, or album launch. Am I missing something?”

Besides the obvious (Kim Kardashian is the product Kim Kardashian is promoting, Deb), it seems she was missing something.

As Deadline reports, SNL saw a bump in viewership on Saturday, drawing a 3.8 household rating (live and same day) and a 1.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. According to the AV Club, the October 9 episode outperformed five of last season’s final six telecasts.

Even people who boycotted the episode might have appreciated the reality star’s self-deprecating approach to the gig. As Esquire writes, “Across the show’s 120 minutes, she skewered herself, her sisters, her Mom’s boyfriend, and even her soon-to-be-ex husband, Kanye West.” During the opening monologue, she even referenced her family’s connection to O.J. Simpson.

She also took a nice dig at her reach versus the show’s reach: “I’m so used to having 360 million followers watching my every move, and how many people watch SNL? Like 10 million? Tonight is just a chill, intimate night for me.”

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